About Us

Do you love and admire the beautiful and diverse African culture? Do you like to stand out and shine bright? Join us in showing the world the beautiful things that Africa has to offer like the famous African dashiki Shirt.


Dashiki Fashion is a clothing line that offers trendy, colorful, custom made African inspired clothing for men and women.

Our product range varies from dashiki shirts to dashiki Polo’s with different African prints. Our clothing line is a mix of Western style with African fabrics. All our fabrics are from Africa.


Dashiki Fashion stands for unity and freedom. Our aim is to bring more color and brightness to individuals around the world through our African clothing. Individuals should feel confident and proud while wearing a Dashiki Fashion item!

Join the movement and get your African dashiki shirt.


Meaning behind the brand name:

Dashiki is a garment worn in West Africa and other parts in Africa by men and women. The garment comes in different colors and styles. The name “Dashiki” comes from the word “Riga”, which means shirt.